Individual Lessons

The Alexander Technique is taught in private, one-on-one lessons. The focus of these lessons is to improve the student's physical and mental level of comfort by reducing unnecessary muscle tension. Different to other methods of treatment that focus on local symptoms, the Alexander Technique is holistic and takes a view of the whole person.

It is widely thought that the Alexander Technique is about improving posture within a person's movement, but it actually deals with much more than that. It is a technique for recognizing and overcoming habituated reactions to the surrounding environment, and may therefore be applied to any human activity, be it mental or physical.

Individual Lesson

The lessons take place in the Alexander Technique studio in Tel Aviv, which was specially designed for this purpose, and creates a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere that enhances the quality of learning.

Lessons last about 40 minutes, and their frequency varies according to the student's condition and needs, between once and three times a week.

After an introductory meeting, a work plan is designed to suit the personal requirements of each student.

After the first five lessons, in which the fundamentals of the technique are learned, working with the musical instrument is added as part of the lesson.

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Demonstrations for Groups, Music Schools, Conservatories and Orchestras

The Alexander Technique is held in high regard in exclusive music schools around the world, and is included in their curriculum. Here in the young country of Israel, however, the curriculum in music schools and conservatories has not yet been expanded and enriched to include it.


During the last few years, I have conducted a large number of lectures/demonstrations in various musical institutions, such as: Talma Yalin Secondary School, the Art Program in Kfar Sava, the Israeli Conservatory in Striker, Bnei Kibbutzim Orchestra, Chamber Music course in Kibbutz Mizra, Rimon Music School, School of Choir Singing, the IDF Band, Matan, Mishkenot Shaananim and others.

In these lectures the students are introduced to the advantages of the technique and experience it while singing and playing their instruments.

The demonstration takes about an hour and a half, and is coordinated in advance. In order to hold a demonstration in your institution, you will need:

  • A Barco to present video.
  • 2-3 musicians that will actively participate in the demonstration with their instruments.

I will be happy to be at your service and set a date for a lecture at your institution!

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Three Lesson Course for Music Teachers

Every teacher has the ability to discern which students can benefit from the technique. Posture problems, or muscular imbalance or tension, have a great effect on the flow and relaxation during performance.

סדרת שיעורים

During a musical performance, we must cope with musical content that requires the mobilization of the entire body, sometimes to the extent of contraction and inhibiting the free flow.

It is here that the enormous value of the Alexander Technique is revealed, enabling us to consciously return to a free and open place.

Those who have not been introduced to the Alexander Technique, will not know how to return to the balanced and the free, and will continue to "carry" the contraction with them over time, with known results.

In a three meeting course (each meeting lasts one and a half hours), I will attempt to explain and demonstrate the principles of the technique, in order to give the teachers some skills for their day to day work with young musicians. In these meetings we may deal with specific questions and problems, describe them, analyze them and attempt to resolve them.

During the course some of the teachers will be given an opportunity to present students and their problems. The program will be designed in cooperation with the director of the institution.

The contents of the three meetings:

First meeting:
  • F.M Alexander's discovery in 1895 and the significance of the Alexander Technique in the performing arts.
  • Civilization and gravitation, and their effect on the "Primary Control" (head-neck-back relationship).
Second meeting:
  • Treating symptoms or holistic thought. The Alexander Technique vs. other methods and techniques.
  • The Alexander Technique instructor - Instrumentalist, Singer, Conductor. The parallel between the Alexander Technique and music.
Third meeting:
  • Problems specific to musicians.
  • The Alexander Technique in music schools around the world (Julliard, Conservatoire-Paris, etc. including video demonstrations)
  • Where did we go wrong?

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